In order to wait for this moment, China has waited a full eight years and finally signed, the US media: it is overwhelming
Time:2020-11-17 10:54

In order to gain high recognition from the entire international community, China has often paid a lot during the development process over such a long time. But the facts are very clear to people that not too many people pay attention to the development process of a country. What everyone can pay attention to is only the result. Just like the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many countries are surprised by the results China has achieved in the fight against the epidemic, but they never thought that our country has actually paid a lot and lost a lot in the process of fighting the epidemic. It is not easy to get such a result!


In order to achieve a certain goal, our country often puts a lot of effort into it and spends a lot of time getting closer to this goal. In order to truly wait for the signing of the "RCEP" and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, China has also waited a full eight years before finally signing it, which is not easy. In response to this, the American media has continued to lament: it is overwhelming. It is understood that the signing of RCEP will signify the official establishment of the first super-large multilateral trade zone centered on Eastern countries!

According to the World Wide Web report, in the near future, RCEP will be formally signed in the form of video, and 15 countries including China, South Korea, New Zealand and Japan will sign together. Reports show that this agreement, invited by the ten ASEAN countries, has had a very important significance since its signing and deserves global attention. This long eight-year waiting time has finally come to fruition. I have to say that it is hard-won. The purpose of signing this agreement is to establish a free trade agreement that maintains a unified 16-country market.


Since the official launch of this agreement in 2012, it has gone through several years. In these years, the participating countries have gone through three leaders’ meetings and nearly twenty ministerial meetings. Thirty rounds of formal negotiations, this is how difficult the whole process is. It is understood that the President involved dozens of areas in this agreement, taking care of all aspects of trade freedom, which will be further reflected in the follow-up.

When it comes to RCEP, the two characteristics that are particularly obvious are the large economy and the inclusiveness. Although it is only a new type of free trade agreement, the status and influence of RCEP in the entire international community is absolutely beyond imagination. According to the division of countries and regions, RCEP can play a greater role. The total population of the 15 RCEP signatories directly account for 30% of the world’s total population, with a GDP exceeding US$25 trillion, which is staggering.


More importantly, after joining RCEP, small and medium-sized enterprises in the major signatories will face fewer barriers, and to a certain extent, reduce costs in all aspects. Under such circumstances, consumers in various countries can obtain more high-quality and inexpensive products, and major small and medium-sized enterprises can also be directly lowered the threshold for entering countries in the region. It is no exaggeration to say that the openness of RCEP's operation is not even lower than that of WTO countries, including investment!


Known as the factory of the world, China has quite unusual significance for the signing of RCEP. Since it is stuck at the center of the global industrial chain, it is enough to see how important Chinese trade is. Therefore, the signing of RCEP will give China more advantages. People cannot imagine whether the World Trade Organization will one day face collapse, nor can they imagine what China will face once the World Trade Organization collapses. Now with RCEP, China has a greater guarantee! It will not really face a certain serious bad situation in the end.


When China joins the United Nations and other international organizations, the United States always bears the brunt of opposition. When entering the World Trade Organization, the United States did a rare nod. Now it seems that the United States probably regrets it too. Because it is obvious that China and Russia are developing side by side, and people regard Russia as the greatest threat to the geopolitics of the United States. China has brought an absolute sense of oppression to the United States to maintain its status as the world's largest economy. What if the United States now kicks off the WTO and has a TPP? China is waiting for RCEP! It can only be said that the United States cannot stop China's development!


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