China's mega water diversion project benefits over 150 mln people
Time:2023-05-18 14:07


The eastern and middle routes of China's South-to-North Water Diversion Project have benefited more than 150 million people, China South-to-North Water Diversion Co., Ltd. said Sunday.

The project has transferred 62 billion cubic meters of water to the drought-prone north via the eastern and middle routes, according to the company.

The country's South-to-North Water Diversion Project has three routes. The middle route is the most prominent one, starting at the Danjiangkou Reservoir in central China's Hubei Province and running across Henan and Hebei before reaching Beijing and Tianjin. It began supplying water in December 2014.

The eastern route transfers water from east China's Jiangsu Province to areas including Tianjin and Shandong.

The western route is at the planning stage and is yet to be built.


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