Chinese fertilisers being imported from Tatopani
Time:2023-05-21 14:11


Chemical fertilisers have started entering Nepal from Tatopani, a major trade gateway with China.

The Silk Market, which was given the responsibility to import 35,000 tonnes of urea from China has started importing the chemical fertilizer in two phases, 25,000 tonnes and 10,000 tonnes respectively.

So far, the Agricultural Inputs Company Limited has received 3,500 tonnes of fertilizer. Chief Operating Officer of the Silk Transport Damodar Satyal informed that 7,100 tonnes of fertilizers are coming to Tatopani customs.

The Agriculture Inputs Company Limited has been requested to speed up the test and inspection process of the fertilizer, he added.

As the storage capacity of the Tatopani Customs warehouse is only 7,500 tonnes, the remaining fertilizers have been stored at Shigatse. Shipments of the remaining fertilizer will arrive through Tatopani checkpoint within next few days.

Earlier, the Salt Trading Company and Agriculture Inputs Company Limited had already received around 4,000 and 3,500 tonnes of urea manure imported by the Silk Market. Farmers have already used the received chemical fertilizers in farming.  

The Silk Market assures that the much-needed fertilizer for agriculture will be imported from China and delivered to the farmers on time.

Since the import of fertilizers from China has already started this year, the farmers will get chemical fertilizers at the right time. This will avert a crisis ahead of the key paddy plantation season.


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