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"The 21st Shenzhen Reading Month is officially launched!" On November 3, Pengcheng celebrated the reading festival. This city soaked in the fragrance of books, once again dazzled with reading.

With the theme of "Reading makes life more colorful, reading makes the city more warm", during this reading month, 290 reading cultural activities will be carried out simultaneously in schools, bookstores, libraries, communities, enterprises, and subway stations; Kang Hui, Xie Mian , Chi Zijian, Liu Tong, Qin Hao, Ma Boyong...The gathering of cultural celebrities once again brought Shenzhen people a time to gather together to write books.

The prosperity of culture leads to the prosperity of the country, and the strong culture leads to the strong nation. Refining the model of urban civilization, Shenzhen has embarked on a pioneering path of scholarly flavour: It was the first to be awarded the title of "Global National Reading Model City", the first to use the legislative power of the special zone to formulate national reading regulations, and the longest reading brand activity "Shenzhen Reading Month", to create The "Shenzhen Mode" of the Reading Culture Festival reflects the "foresight" of Shenzhen people in reading.

Over the past two decades, Reading Month has organized more than 8,800 various reading cultural activities, inviting nearly 200 famous masters into Shenzhen, attracting about 160 million readers to participate. On the 40th anniversary of the Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen Reading Month has entered the first year of the new decade on the journey of accelerating the construction of a modern, international and innovative city.

Recently, the Shenzhen Reading Month Organizing Committee issued the "Shenzhen Reading Month Development Plan (2021-2030)": By 2030, the Reading Month will be built into a modern, international and innovative city that has global regional influence. Cultural brand, world-class innovation and influence ranks among the forefront of global cultural brands, promoting Shenzhen to build an international reading cultural exchange center, and strive to become the world's book capital.

The future of Shenzhen will surely set off a new wave of reading.


●Guo Yue, reporter from Nanfang Daily

"Reading for all" has become a trend

"The deep and tender companionship gave me the opportunity to infiltrate the ocean of knowledge. It must have been one of the happiest times in the past year." This is the content of a letter in the mailbox of the Shenzhen Library. Here, you can see people wearing all kinds of work clothes: the uncle in the uniform of the cleaner leaned against the stairs on the first floor to read, the driver from the bus group holding the newspaper, the waiter in the restaurant went into the library to read and rest at noon...Deep picture The door is open for every worker.

There is a vegetable market next to the Shenzhen Children's Library. The aunts who sell vegetables go out of the stall every day, and they can't take care of the children, so they simply let them enter the library to read. Although the children were very noisy at first, the reading counselors here still insisted on supervising the children one-on-one, from telling stories to guiding them in reading, day after day, eventually the children stopped playing and raised them as soon as they entered the library Become the habit of active and quiet reading.

Some people fall in love with a city because of a museum; some people change their lives because of a book. Behind the rapid economic growth, under the light of the 24-hour book bar, there is always a soft soul to stop and rest.

Shenzhen, with 2.18 million business owners, is by no means just a city of "science and engineering men". Reading can drive innovation engines and accumulate talent capital.

After Wang Shi, a veteran book fan, went to Shenzhen in 1983, he often went to Hong Kong to search for foreign books, mostly in literature, history and philosophy; Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei liked to read "Selected Works of Mao Zedong" and even applied Mao Zedong’s art of war to Huawei’s strategy is to go.

Looking back at the special economic zone for 40 years, Shenzhen, with a high degree of cultural awareness, promoted the development of the reading industry through a series of cultural strategies and cultural policies, and changed the city with reading.

The first Shenzhen Reading Month in 2000, the goal of building a library city in 2003, "Shenzhen Reading Month Development Plan (2011-2020)", "Shenzhen Cultural Innovation Development 2020 (Implementation Plan)", "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone National Reading Promotion Regulations" …Since the first Shenzhen Book Fair in 1983, Shenzhen has never stopped its pace of "creating a reading atmosphere."

In 1983, the first Shenzhen Book Fair was opened. It was the first time that books from Hong Kong and Taiwan were exhibited in large quantities at a book fair in China, which made the Shenzhen book market famous at home and abroad. In 1986, Shenzhen Library (Old Library) took the lead in implementing exemption in the country. The scenery of long queues of readers waiting to enter the library before the opening of the library has appeared since then; in 1996, Shenzhen Book City (Luohu City) opened. This is the first time that a single bookstore in China was named after the “Book City”. Set off a wave of "big book city" eager to follow suit.

This year, Shenzhen Reading Month has entered its 21st year, and the newly issued "Shenzhen Reading Month Development Plan (2021-2030)" promotes the in-depth development of reading for all. With the annual theme of "Reading makes life more colorful, and reading makes the city more warm", this reading month organized and planned 290 reading cultural activities, including 52 key themed activities and 238 general themed activities.

In the season of Pengcheng where the style of writing is the most prosperous and the richest of books, the city spirit that is respected for love of reading shines. In the post-epidemic era, a cultural ecology that cares for individuals and leads growth through reading is taking shape.

Lead readers to flourish

On the upper floor of the ancient city of Nantou with angled cornices and red tiles and gray walls, the words "Lingnan Town" tell the vicissitudes of Shenzhen's "city source". As the sub-venue of this Shenzhen Reading Month, on November 7, a new book sharing session by the famous CCTV host Kang Hui will be held here.

Love to read, but also to read well, know how to read. Shenzhen Reading Month, a gathering of famous masters, is gradually leading Shenzhen people's reading upward.

In the past twenty years, famous domestic and foreign masters such as Jao Zongyi, Wang Meng, Jin Yong, Mo Yan, Xie Mian, Yu Hua, Yu Guangzhong, Er Yuehe, Huang Yongyu, Alan McFarlane, etc. have been making their speeches in the reading month, advocating reading and seeking knowledge among the citizens , The cultural values ​​of hardworking and vigorous;

Since the first reading month, the Reading Guidance Committee composed of 14 experts and scholars including Niu Hanben, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has issued "100 Books and Recommended Reading Lists" every year, so that every citizen can follow the picture to find new books and read good books. ;

On the warm reading night that started in 2012, Shenzhen citizens walked into the Central Book City, participated in cultural activities integrating reading, creativity, art, exhibitions, etc., and had close contact with famous artists...

"The public needs intellectuals to lead the reading, transform the book's information from professional understanding into a public interpretation, and then pass it on to readers, and slowly lead ordinary readers to look higher and higher." Yin Changlong, general manager of Shenzhen Publishing Group Say.

Currently, Shenzhen residents read 7.23 paper books and 11.21 e-books on average each year, and the average daily reading time is 64.56 minutes. 98% of residents think reading is more important and very important. The city has more than 150 non-governmental reading organizations and nearly 1,300 public welfare reading promoters, active in all corners of the city.

The most scholarly can reach far, and the city is full of book lovers. In July last year, the first four-day Shenzhen Book Fair attracted nearly 500,000 visitors and 45 libraries participated. The main branch venue book retail sales totaled 10.76 million yuan, and library distribution transactions were 49.85 million yuan.

Read history to Mingzhi. Recently, the annual digital document "New Years·Village History", jointly initiated and created by the Nanshan Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau and Nanshan Library, which records the thousand-year history of Shenzhen villages, has been launched on the central video, which preserves the history of 51 natural villages in Nanshan. Witnessed the development and changes of the villages in Shenzhen; "Learning from Shenzhen", "Why Shenzhen", "Shenzhen Biography" and other good books dedicated to the special zone have emerged one after another. Scholars studying Shenzhen and readers reading Shenzhen are increasing.

These will all be transformed into intangible assets of the city. The cultural self-confidence displayed by each citizen is a city's more basic, broader, and deeper self-confidence, and a deeper, more basic, and more lasting force.

Smudge the urban humanistic foundation

"Although I only have a high school degree, in Shenzhen, which has a strong learning atmosphere, I have formed the habit of reading, and unknowingly I have a broader perspective than my peers in my hometown." Recently, at a reader event in Shenzhen Bookstore A young girl in her early 20s shared.

Reading changes people, and people change cities. When reading becomes the daily life style of Shenzhen people, it profoundly affects the spiritual temperament of a city and becomes the source of great creativity in the city. The widespread recognition of reading has become the driving force and humanistic foundation of the city's innovative development.

From the "Realization of Citizens' Cultural Rights" in the first reading month, to the seventh "Let the city be respected for love of reading", the 17th "City of Innovation, Reading with Ingenuity", and then to "2019" Reading first is fast, and the action is stable and far." The annual theme of keeping pace with the times promotes the construction of the relationship between reading and the city. The first two are even among the "Shenzhen Top Ten Concepts", injecting strong spiritual energy into the city, adding new vitality to the preservation of urban civilization and stimulating the potential for innovation.

Reading can not only enhance cultural soft power, but also relates to the posture, strength and vitality of urban competition. In London, there are an average of 4.7 public libraries for every 100,000 people; 7 out of every 10 teenagers in Singapore read more than once a week; Tokyo is one of the cities with the highest ratio of physical bookstores to population in the world.

Texts are used to convey the Tao, books are used to convey the city. The young Shenzhen is full of books. As of 2019, there are more than 700 physical bookstores in Shenzhen. There are six book city cultural complexes with an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters. In addition, there are more than 670 large and small public libraries, there are 24-hour block libraries, there are scattered book bars, "building a city with books, building a dream with cities", forming a strong reading atmosphere in Shenzhen.

The famous writer Tang Haoming said: "Zeng Guofan once said,'Reading can change a person's temperament.' It can be said that reading is changing the temperament of Shenzhen, and reading month is changing the image of Shenzhen." Yu Qiuyu also said: "I I feel that Shenzhen is slowly establishing its own cultural image and urban taste through cultural activities like reading month."

Wang Jingsheng, counselor of the State Council and general counsel of the Shenzhen Reading Month Organizing Committee, suggested that reading should drive innovative culture, reading should promote talent cultivation, reading should improve citizenship, reading should improve the public cultural system, and reading should promote international exchanges.

With ideals, enthusiasm, wisdom, and responsibility, the people of Shenzhen have been down-to-earth to promote reading for all, which has won respect for the city because of their love of reading, and has given Shenzhen a deep confidence and strength to become one of the world's first-class cities in the future.


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