Australia opens high commission in Male’
Time:2023-05-25 18:16


'Fathulla Jameel Building' where the Foreign Ministry of Maldives is located.

The Government of Australia has opened a high commission in the capital of Maldives, Male’ City.

The Australian High Commission is located on the fifth floor of Hotel Jen and will be consulate services and services related to legal documents to Australians residing in the Maldives and traveling to Maldives.

Maldivian Foreign Ministry, however, said despite the establishment of the high commission in the Maldives, passport services will continue to be provided through the Australian High Commission in Colombo, Sri Lanka, for now.

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid, in a tweet, said the establishment of the Australian High Commission in the Maldives will pave the way for Maldives-Australia relations to reach new heights.

Australian Foreign Minister Maurice Payne announce the government’s decision to establish a high commission in the Maldives in February last year. Payne, in the statement announcing the decision, said a permanent Australian diplomatic presence in Maldives will build on the shared aspirations of the two countries for a stable, secure and resilient Indo-Pacific.

With the establishment of the Australian High Commission, the number of resident diplomatic missions in the Maldives has now been raised to eight.

Maldives and Australia established diplomatic relations in 1974.

Lots of local students travel to Australia for their higher education. Australia also provides the Maldives with technical expertise for various projects. 


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