No drug shortage in private pharmacies
Time:2023-05-26 13:02

Despite the dearth of drugs prevailing in Government hospitals, the All Island Private Pharmacy Owner's Association and the Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka said that the private pharmacies have not been affected by the shortage of drugs as there are adequate stocks at present.

Speaking to Daily Mirror, All-Island Private Pharmacy Owners' Association (ACPPOA) President Chandika Gankanda said, although they are well aware that government hospitals are facing an acute drug shortage, there is no shortage of drugs in private pharmacies.

“We have noticed that patients are coming with prescriptions given by Government hospitals seeking drugs from private pharmacies,” he said.

Moreover, Gankanda said the prices of drugs can be decreased by 30 per cent despite Health Minister’s remarks that prices of drugs would be slashed by 10-15 %.

Meanwhile, Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka President Kalum Jayasuriya told Daily Mirror that “The private pharmacies are getting a high demand for drugs and consumables needed for surgeries, and pampers, sanitary pads and several other drugs including antibiotics because of the shortage in government hospitals. 


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