Consistent worshipping important: Siyam
Time:2024-04-10 12:02


Dhaalu Meedhoo MP and President of MDA Ahmed Siyam Mohamed has urged the public to maintain consistency in attending prayers throughout every month, and not just during Ramadan.

In his Eid greetings, Siyam stressed the Islamic festivities is a period for Muslims to come together and foster love and compassion among each other. Siyam also emphasized Eid is the perfect time to uphold the improvements made in worshipping during Ramadan.

Siyam urged the public to remain consistent and vigil in attending the prayers during every month, and remain.

Moreover, Siyam said the period of Eid is for Muslims to rejoice and thank the blessings of Almighty Allah, and continue to venerate Him with prayers and praises.

The MDA President also requested to uphold friendly ties within the society during the auspicious period.

Besides this, Siyam also shed focus on the plight of the Palestinian people who continue to suffer under Israel's oppression.


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