30 tigers dead in seven years
Time:2023-05-06 14:47


At least 30 tigers were found dead in and around Chitwan National Park during the past seven years. The deaths were recorded since the fiscal year 2072/73 BS.     

Information Officer at CNP Ganesh Prasad Tiwari shared that 14 of the dead tigers were male and eight were female. Identities of eight tigers have yet to be established, he informed.     

Among those found dead, eight tigers died due to age, eight in in-fighting, five during treatment, one due to illness, three due to poison in food and reasons for the death of five unidentified.     

In the fiscal year 2072/73, a tiger was found dead while the number was four in the FY 2073/74, six in 2074/75 and eight in 2075/76.     

Likewise, three were found dead in FY 2076/77, two in 2077/78 and six in 2078/79. However, no tiger has been found dead in the current fiscal year.     

The tiger count has increased at CNP lately. Tiwari said death incidents of tigers have gone up due to the in-fighting of wildlife in the search for food with the rise in the number of tigers.     

According to CNP data, 96 wildlife were found dead as of mid-April this year. Likewise, 96 wild animals have been rescued so far.


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